Brides bouquet

If you want to your maid of honour to stand out, her bouquet can be somewhat different size or color from the rest of the bridesmaids’ bouquets. The bridesmaids’ bouquets should coordinate with their dresses and the overall style Of the wedding. They could be identical or each designed differently in a coordinating manner.

Things To Consider: The style of the bouquet should compliment the style of your wedding. For if your bridesmaids will be wearing dresses with floral prints, select flowers that complement the floral print.

Tips To Save Money: Your bridesmaids can carry a single stemmed rose, lily or other suitable flower. This will not only look elegant look but will also help you save on cost.


Small tear drop bouquet will compliment your figure. Avoid large bouguets that will look unpropotional to your shape and size. (Please note that Orchids are available seasonally only in peach)

Tall and Slim
Tail and Slim

Shower or trailing bouquets with long stems with long foliage will comliment your dress and make you look elegant.

Pink Possy
Pink Possy

Possy are suitable for both slim fitted dress and full skirt dress.