Ceremony Planner

The wedding ceremonies differ in different cultures but there is a general sequence of events. As the guests arrive, a musical prelude is played. When the guests are seated and the ceremony is ready to start, in a Christian ceremony the officiant takes his or her place with the groom on the officiant’s left and the best man on the groom’s left facing the guests. The groom’s men may also stand at the front or they may start the processional as shown here in the illustration.

The Processional begins first with the bride’s maids starting down the aisle in the processional. The maid or matron of honour enters next. As another option the grooms men and bride’s maid’s can enter together in pairs with the best man escorting the honoured attendant. If a ring bearer and a flower girl are to participate, they are the last ones down the aisle before the bride.

After a brief pause, a new song begins and the bride makes her grand entrance. Even though her father traditionally escorts the bride on his left arm, today a bride often asks her mother to walk down the aisle
with them on her other side. With the couples standing before him, the officiant makes some opening remarks. Next may come a reading or a song from the choir or a vocalist. The officiant might deliver a sermon before the couple says the (I dos), the exchange of vows and the exchange of rings. Then comes the pronouncement of marriage and the much-anticipated kiss. Last the officiant might offer closing remarks before the wedding party walks up the aisle in the recessional.

In a Christian ceremony as the musician starts the celebratory recessional music the bride and the groom turn to each other, link arms and walk briskly back up the aisle as husband and wife. They are followed by the flower girl and the ring bearer (if they remained at the altar during the ceremony; if there is only one
or the other he or she can walk alone) who are then followed by the maid or matron of honour and the best man. Next come the bride’s maids and the groom’s men in pairs with the women on the men’s right arm. Groom’s men return to assist guests and direct them to the receiving line or reception site


Altar Line up