Ceremony rental items

You might need to rent some items for the ceremony and are not provided at the ceremony venue or are not included in the ceremony site fee. These items may include the following items:

Aisle Runner: A thin run made of carpet or plastic, paper or cloth extending the length of the aisle. It is rolled out just prior to the processional. Make sure the grass is clipped short if you are using one of these types of runners, as plastic does not sit well on grass.

Kneeling Cushion: A small cushion or pillow placed in front of the altar where the bride and groom kneel for their wedding blessing.

Arch (Christian): A white lattice or brass arch where the bride and groom exchange their vows, often decorate with flowers and greenery.

Mandap (Asian wedding): A canopy under which an Asian ceremony is performed, symbolizing cohabitation and consummation.

You may also need to consider renting audio equipment, aisle stanchions, candelabra, candles, candlelighters, chairs, a gift table, and a guest book stand among others.

You will need a guest book. This is a formal register where your guests sign-in as they arrive at the ceremony or reception. It will also serve as a memento of who attended your wedding. This book is often placed outside the ceremony or reception site, along with an elegant pen and penholder. One of the ushers is responsible for inviting all guests to sign-in.

There are many styles of guest books, pens and penholders available in the market. Some books have space for your guests to write a short note to the bride and groom.

Tip: Make sure you have more than one pen in case one runs out of ink. If you are planning a large ceremony of over 300 guests, consider having more than one book and pen so that your guests
don’t have to wait in a long queue to sign-in.

The flower girl, usually between the ages of four and eight, carries a basket filled with flowers, rose
or paper rose petals to strew as she walks down the aisle. She follows the ring bearer or maid of honour and precedes the bride during the processional.

Flower girl baskets come in many styles and colours. You can find them at most florists, gift shops, and bridal shops.
Tip: Discuss any restrictions regarding rose petal, flower, or paper-tossing with your ceremony site. Select a basket that complements your guest book and ring bearer pillow. If the flower girl is very young (less than 7 years), consider giving her a small bouquet instead of a flower basket.

Things To Consider:
If you plan to rent any accessories for your ceremony, make sure the rental suppliers have a good reputation. Reserve the items you need well in advance. Find out the company’s payment, reservation and cancellation policies.

Tips To Save Money:
When considering a ceremony outside of a church, figure the cost of rental items. Negotiate a package deal, if possible by renting items for both the ceremony and reception from the same supplier so you only have to pay one delivery fee.